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Package Your Halloween Treats Better with Rigid Plastic Boxes

Posted by Alpha Rho on 10/23/17 3:37 PM

Rigid Plastic Boxes in the Confectionery Industry


With Halloween just around the corner, the National Retail Federation is expecting shoppers to splurge a record $2.7 billion on candy purchases this year! However, these sugar-rich products have to survive fluctuations in temperature, humidity in the ambient environment, and product agitation from handling–all before hitting the shelves.

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5 Things to Consider before Ordering Plastic Packaging Boxes

Posted by Alpha Rho on 9/12/17 9:34 AM

Order the Right Plastic Packaging by Asking these 5 Questions


Rigid plastic boxes are an excellent way to store, protect, and display your product, but taking the time to find the right fit for your packaging needs will give you the best result. Determining the accurate size beforehand, for example, will prevent wasted time and poor fit of your product within.

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Product Packaging and Advertising: They're Not Mutually Exclusive

Posted by Alpha Rho on 7/5/17 3:31 PM

Your Plastic Packaging Can Speak Volumes about Your Product

The hardest part about selling a new product – or selling more of an existing one – is usually getting the word out to your potential consumers.

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Level the Playing Field with Clear Plastic Boxes

Posted by Alpha Rho on 5/2/17 12:42 PM

Is Visibility an Uphill Battle for Your Products?

Dumped in a bin or shoved on a shelf, sometimes visibility is an uphill battle for small or unusually shaped products.

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How Do Rigid Plastic Box Manufacturers Ensure Quality

Posted by Alpha Rho on 3/28/17 11:04 AM

Managing the Injection Molding Process


A lot of rigid plastic box manufacturers use the term “quality” to define and distinguish their products from their competitors’. “Quality” can be a subjective term and as a customer, do you know what quality translates to for your rigid plastic box manufacturer?

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Raw Material Costs Impacting the Plastic Packaging Industry Projected to Further Increase

Posted by Alpha Rho on 3/9/17 11:23 AM


Extended Outages at AmSty and SABIC Causing Styrene Spot Price Increases


Manufacturers of plastic packaging have been faced with a dramatic increase in the price of polystyrene since the fourth quarter of 2016, which achieved an all-time high in February. Price increases over the past few months have included a 5 cents per pound increase in December, an 8 cent increase in February, and most recently a 15 cents per pound increase in March.

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Increase Your Profits by Improving Your Plastic Box Packaging

Posted by Alpha Rho on 1/11/17 12:35 PM

Better Branding Through Custom-Printed Plastic Boxes


Whether you’ve made spontaneous personal purchasing decisions in a grocery store check-out line, or given a lot of thought to a product before you pick it off the shelf in the aisle, you’ve likely been influenced by its packaging. Each year, large companies spend millions of dollars, not just on their product packaging, but on how that packaging affects the long-term branding of the products they contain.

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Don’t Just Put a Lid on It

Posted by Alpha Rho on 11/22/16 11:32 AM

Friction Fit or Hinged – Choose Your Plastic Box Type Wisely!


Rigid plastic boxes come in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from compartment boxes to rounded types, to even heart shaped styles for special purposes. But, when it comes to all varieties of plastic boxes, there are two predominant styles related to how they open and close: one is with hinges and the other, without hinges—also known as friction fit.

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How Is General Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS) Different from High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)?

Posted by Alpha Rho on 10/21/16 9:52 AM

How Well Do You Know Your Polystyrene Plastic Boxes?


Inquiring about the different types of plastics is as good as asking how many varieties of cheese are out there. Well, essentially there is American, Swiss, cheddar, and mozzarella but then, there’s also Gouda, Monterey Jack, Gorgonzola, feta, Gruyere, and so on and so forth! You get the problem, right?

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Choosing the Right Rigid Plastic Packaging for Your Product

Posted by Alpha Rho on 9/1/16 4:52 PM

4 Factors to Consider Before Picking Out Your Rigid Plastic Packaging


We’re all familiar with the timeless adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” and yet, there are times we end up doing just that! At least with rigid plastic packaging. The trickiest part is, on looks alone, a lot of plastic packaging looks much the same. It’s part of why the conundrum of choosing the right plastic packaging for your product is a little more challenging than picking out a book based on its cover.

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